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The accurate design and specification of an underfloor heating system is of paramount importance. When you request a quotation from Optimum you will receive, free of charge, a detailed design and specification for your building project. The underfloor heating equipment needed will be stated along with our very competitive price. The quotation pack also includes lots of very useful information that you can use in other aspects of your building project.

Click here if you only have hard copies of your plans & elevations, otherwise complete the online quote form below.

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Please indicate which heat source is to be installed by choosing either from the drop down list for either Conventional Systems or Renewable/Energy Efficient Systems. If there are any particular requirements, please specify these in the additional notes section.
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Please indicate which levels are to receive underfloor heating and specify the floor construction for each level.
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Floor covering

It is highly unlikely that the floor coverings for each area will always be the same for the lifetime of the property. Therefore, Optimum UFH Ltd. will always design systems to the "worst case scenario" concerning floor coverings. The standard format used is vinyl floor covering for all "wet" areas (i.e. Kitchens, Bathrooms) and carpet floor covering for other areas.

Building Elemental U-Values & Ventilation Rate

In order for our design work to be as accurate as possible, we require the u-values and air change rates calculated for the property. If this information is not provided, we will have to estimate the values to be used in our design.
Exterior Walls U-Value (W/m² ºC):
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