Quantum Control

Simple design - advanced possibilities

SALUS Quantum is an extraordinary thermostat designed to be multifunctional, yet simple to install and operate. The Quantum thermostats provide full time and temperature control to every room with underfloor heating and can provide the same level of control to all your radiator heated rooms. This is now Optimum's preferred control system as it truly ticks every box, please read on to find out more.

5 year warranty

The Quantum thermostat is the latest innovative addition to our portfolio. This sleek and stylish thermostat is the slimmest on the market at only 10mm thick.  Available in two version allowing a choice of hard wired connectivity or RF communication.

The Quantum thermostat provides a full time and temperature profile for each and every room of your house. Build in optimisation features and advanced algorithms provide energy saving that maximises heating system efficiency.

Smart Radiator System based on a battery-powered, mini-size thermostatic radiator valve (TRV).  It allows you to connect up to 6 TRV’s to one Quantum thermostat via the SALUS Smart Home gateway. It can be installed effortlessly and controlled via the SALUS Smart Home app to allow you to be in charge of your own expenses.

5 year warranty
5 year warranty

The SALUS Smart Home gateway is what connects your SALUS Smart Home devices together and when connected to any WiFi router allows control via Smartphone, Tablet or PC, using the SALUS Smart Home app.

No matter where you are, your home can always be at hand. You can control your devices with SALUS Smart Home application. With just a few easy clicks you can adjust all parameters of your living space to meet the needs of you and your family. Control all rooms individually and receive alerts when there is a problem, giving ultimate peace of mind.


Thermostat will quickly guide user through the setup process.

Ultra-slim design with an overall depth of just 10mm

Load Compensation is one of the 4 energy saving features that makes a system Boiler Plus compliant and allows the homeowner to more efficiently manage their heating and reduce energy and costs.

OpenTherm communication provides two-way communication between boiler and thermostat.
Thermostat modulates boiler power to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort, has automatic detection of OT+ protocol, boiler error codes displaying and DHW temperature regulation.

Optimum Start and Optimum Stop functions are energy saving features that makes heating system most effective.

This algorithm will allow you to economically control your system through more accurate temperature maintenance and will reduce the overall temperature overshooting.

Landlords can decide what maximum / minimum temperature can be set by the user and lock other parameter behind a PIN code.

Wireless version of Quantum thermostat is powered by rechargeable LI-ION battery. Simply re-charge it using micro SD cable.

Salus’ lengthy guarantee represents the confidence they have in their product and should give you peace of mind.