Floor Constructions & Coverings

There are many different types of floor constructions that underfloor heating can be installed in.

Below are the four commonly used but if you need a specific solution please get in touch. Please click on the floor covering pictures to reveal the detailed cross section.

Final Floor Coverings

If you request a quote you will see that we ask for proposed final floor coverings. This is because what you put on the surface of the warmed floor can have an effect on its output. With most floor coverings we can compensate for any insulating effect by altering the design, however certain final floor finishes should be avoided. A summary of all the main types of floor finishes are shown below.

Ceramic, Slate, Stone and Quarry tiles

Due to there dense make-up, all offer very good heat transfer when laid on top of a concrete floor. It is important to run the floor heating at a low temperature before any floor finishes are installed. This ensures that any remaining moisture within the floor structure is expelled.


Carpets can be used over underfloor heating with the following conditions. The carpet and underlay should have a combined tog rating of 1.5 tog or less. There are now underlay's manufactured specifically for use with underfloor heating. Please ensure that any rooms you plan to carpet are highlighted at the design and quote stage.

Vinyl and Linoleum

Both are suitable for use with underfloor heating but should not exceed 5mm in thickness. It is very important if gluing these coverings down that all moisture from the concrete floor is eliminated first. This will ensure that moisture does not form and cause the glue to fail.


Optimums underfloor heating system is always designed to ensure that the maximum permitted surface temperature of hard wood is adhered to. Hardwood should always be checked to ensure its moisture content is below 10% before fitting and that the moisture from the concrete floor is eliminated first.

There are of course many different types of floor coverings available, most of which can be used with underfloor heating but please just call to discuss.